Another old L2 subcldade

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:58 am
Cristina Cristea
I got a surprise yesterday from FTDNA. The the kit that I admin went from R1b-L2 to R1b-BY39307. Now, on YFull, is still R1b-L2*, an unique branch. Is YFull going to update the branch of my kit to match FTDNA?
Anders Mørup-Petersen Yes - if the two kits form a new common haplogroup, they will too at Yfull at the next update of the Yfull tree...
Ron Peterson I would think that depends if BY39307 is a registered SNP.
Anders Mørup-Petersen If it is not a registered SNP yet, Yfull will simply give it a Yfull name.
Gioiello Tognoni Cristina Cristea, very likely your client is in the same subclade of Italian Saponara, thus my bet is that he descends from people who formed Romanian people during the Roman Empre, i.e. Italians and people from the Rhine Valley. Even though he separated from Saponara's ancestors at the beginning of the subclade, i.e. more than 4000 years ago. I’ll let you know more after my analysis.
Cristina Cristea Thank you. I thought that he might be celtic-gauli origins. Do you know if etruscans were having this haplogroup?
Gioiello Tognoni I have to study the question, anyway I think that Etruscans are the descendants of the first agriculturalists from the Aegean Sea to central Europe, thus they carried to Tuscany perhaps hg. J2 and also some J1, but R-U152 (and all the R1b1, at least this is my theory) came from Italy and at least Central-Europe, thus the huge presence of R-U152 in Tuscany had another origin, and we are finding many old L2* in the Eastern Ligurian zone. We know that these questions are still under debate, and I am against the Kurgan theory of the origin of R1b from Yamnaya, and I am R1b1a2-L23-Z2110-FGC24408 and should be a descendant of them.
Gioiello Tognoni My advise is to wait that YFull does his work, and very likely in the next tree sample 449362 will be put with Saponara in an own subclade of R-U152-L2. Of course with his data I may answer you, but YFull has all the data and the tools for doing the work better.
Gioiello Tognoni Of course, as I saw from the STRs, Vasile and Saponara separated at the beginning of the subclade, and he is much closer to Williams, but just for that Italy retains the oldest haplotypes once more. The problem is that neither Williams nor Saponara are on YFull, thus a subclade won't be done till then...

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