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I hope I'm in the right spot! I recently received my full mtDNA results and my haplogroup is H3b. I joined dna-forums right after I mailed in my kit to FTDNA and was really looking forward to following the forum with regard to my specific haplogroup. Unfortunately, the forum disappeared right before I received my results. (I definitely appreciate our Russian friends for their efforts to provide such amazing support to the followers of dna-forums.) I'm not sure how many people were from H3b on the old forum, but I hope that those who were will migrate here. I'm a newbie with all of this dna testing and really appreciate reading and learning from more experienced posters.

I do have an initial question, and I hope someone is here to read it! I have many matches at the HVR1 level and 37 at the HVR2 level. However, I have zero matches at the coding region level. My limited understanding is that I probably won't learn much by contacting my matches at the HVR2 level and should wait to see if I'm lucky enough to get a match at the coding region level. Is my understanding correct? If not, can someone explain the best way to utilize my match results?

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You could contact those who match with you on both HVR1 AND HVR2 and invite them to get further tested on the Coding Region.
You could also compare the surnames in your respective genealogies; discovering that you share surnames or even couples would convince them to get further tested.

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