Simple tree for my hg N1c1 cousins

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N1c1a1a1a- N-L550
PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:13 pm
Some years ago I experimented a little with a couple of free phylogenetic tree software packages, but I never got really comfortable with them. Now I have a new computer with neither of the software packages and I would like to try to draw the tree for my 20 closest 67 match Haplogroup N1c1 cousins.
What programs are recommended today? Not too complex please! Or are there anyone with a suitable tree program who is willing to take my Excel file and generate the tree? If so let me know in what format you require the data. As I said I'm really interested in the top 20 matches, out of about 800, but can include more if it make sense.
Y-DNA: Hg N1c1a1a1a N3115 / SW7S9
mtDNA: Hg J1c2f

Paternal and maternal ancestors all Norwegians, 9 and 6 generations respectively.

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