DYS710 Micro allele

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N1c1a1a1a- N-L550
PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:04 pm
Studying my recent hg N 111 marker STR results I eventually noticed the note saying that the DYS710 result in fact was 39.2 normalised to 39.

I presume this is similar to what SMGF used to report on f.ex. DYS464 where my -c and -d values are 14.3, and reported on SMGF's database as 14.3, but reported on FTDNA as 15.

As I cannot see anywhere the actual value of DYS710 reported the use of DYS710, and DYS464 for that matter, in TMRCA calculations, which works on the number of matching markers, must surely be questionable?
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