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Genetic atlas state origin of Lt-L298 is in Sind Valley

Semagyl tests only 67 markers

I ran this below test based on SNP

mustard = LT-L298 , with no T-M184 ( basal marker) or T1-L490

purple = T-M184 (basal marker) with no LT-L298 and no T1-L490 or no T-M272 ( basal marker)

brown = LT-L298 with T1-L490 and T-M272 ( basal marker ) with no T-M184 (basal marker)

note: I did not use any T1a-M70


There is a clearly indication the stands out with the 67 plus markers , that LT-L298 is in the caucasus and went south and west. Is the west in Italy part of the 20% of T for the Sabines?
Fathers mtdna - T2b17 ...back to 1860 Bucciol line
Grandfathers mtdna - T1a1e ...back to 1820 Mestriner line
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Maternal grandfather ydna - Ild-P109

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