Neolithic T1a in Europe

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Haplogroup T1a-PF5604 has been found in two out of two 7500-6800ybp individuals from Karsdorf, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Both T1a skeletal remains belongs to the Linienbandkeramische Kultur. T1a from Karsdorf reach 22.2% of all samples between 7500 and 6800 ybp in Germany, being 22.2% belonging to H2 from Derenburg and the remaining 55.6% to G2a from Halberstadt and Derenburg. Their mtDNA have been found to be H1*/H1au1b and H46b, and their autosomal ancestral components has been point to be around 70% Western European Hunter-Gatherer (WHG) and 30% Basal Eurasian but If the WHG Loschbour is admixed with a Basal Eurasian group then the percentages for KAR6a should be around 34% WHG and 66% Basal Eurasian.

I0795 KAR6 T1a M70 Early EN Paleo-European LBK 7222 - 7085yo S / Karsdorf mtdna=H1* or H1au1b Native to Unstruttal , sample by Tooth part of Goseck circle

I0797 KAR16a T1a M70 Early EN Paleo-European LBK 7515 - 6790yo H / Karsdorf mtdna =H46b Native to Unstruttal sample by Tooth part of Goseck circle
Fathers mtdna - T2b17 ...back to 1860 Bucciol line
Grandfathers mtdna - T1a1e ...back to 1820 Mestriner line
Sons Mtdna - K1a4 ....back to 1840 Tesser line
Maternal grandfather ydna - Ild-P109

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