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I think it would be quite interesting and fun to compare our 23andME Finnish scores/matches on Ancestry Finder, Ancestry Composition and Relative Finder. This may be a good little exercise to demonstrate the population bottlenecks that Finns have experienced in their history. Both Finns and non-Finns are welcome to post their results here and compare. Here are mine below. I am 25% Finnish by known ancestry.

Ancestry Finder (Set at Minimum Segment Size 5cM threshold and 4 Grandparents from the same country.):


Ancestry Composition (Set at Sub-Regional Resolution):

Speculative Estimate=25.8% Finnish

Standard Estimate=24.4% Finnish

Conservative Estimate: 22.2% Finnish

I also have a large number of Finnish matches on Relative Finder. I may add them all up some time when I feel not so lazy lol.

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