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Fennoscandia Biographic Project is a project primarly focusing on Fennoscandian ancestry as seen in autosomals and X-chromosome (not Y-DNA or mtDNA) and its origin so preferably only accept members with all 4 grandparents for this region. However I have accepted admission from individuals from there is few or little reference populations from, and I also to a certain extent accept diaspora individuals of European origin.

At the time I prefer using the state of the art Chromopainter and Finestructure pipeline that use phased haplotypes from Beagle, recombination maps and mutation rate. Its gives heatmaps, trees and PCA as primary output made from chunkcounts or CC (total number of shared DNA segments including both identical and related segments), chunklenghts (total lenght of segments shared in centimorgans or cM including identical and related segments) and number of mutations difference for these shared segments.

This is the latest Fennoscandia region analysis. As one can see there is substructure within Fennoscandian populations both between and internally in populations group due to different influences.

Link to project blog http://fennoscandia.blogspot.no/

CL Aggregated: Image
CC Aggregated: Image
CL PCA: Image
CC PCA: Image

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