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My known ancestry is mainly English with a little Welsh and Scots at great-great grandparent level. My McDonald results contain an intriguing eastern element and my green spot appears to be floating in the North Sea off the coast of East Anglia!

Most likely fit is 91.7% (+- 1.7%) Europe (all Western Europe)
and 0.6% (+- 1.9%) Europe (various subcontinents)
which is 92.3% total Europe
and 0.1% (+- 0.1%) E. Asia (various subcontinents)
and 7.6% (+- 0.3%) Mideast (all Caucasus Area)

Don’t worry about the Oceanic and Asian. But the Mideast indicates
something east of England. Unfortunately we can’t tell how long ago this
came in, so it can;t answer your question. (Dr. McDonald's comments).

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I got some updated results from the good Dr. (based on my V3 chip raw data).

The first split described seems to be the most accurate as of date (considering new information relevant to my ancestral origins).


Most likely fit is 87.5% (+- 11.1%) Europe (all Western Europe) and 12.5% (+- 11.1%) Europe (various subcontinents) which is 100% total Europe.

The following are possible population sets and their fractions, most likely at the top

French= 0.468 English= 0.532 or
French= 0.701 Irish= 0.299 or
French= 0.856 Lithuani= 0.144 or
English= 0.855 Tuscan= 0.145 or
English= 0.822 Italian= 0.178 or
Spain= 0.164 English= 0.836 or
French= 0.877 Finland= 0.123 or
French= 0.830 Belorus= 0.170 or
Irish= 0.633 Italian= 0.367

This is clearly mostly British with some other European in it ... any of the above, or any other combo in a proportion such that the farther from England, the less that’s needed.
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I may sound weird, but I wonder how far back are autosomals accurate, i was told that they are only accurate going 500 years back and even then it's pushing it.

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So, I'm a Western Finn. Here's what McDonald said about my DNA.

Most likely fit is 10.0% (+- 4.5%) Europe (various subcontinents)
and 90.0% (+- 4.5%) Europe (all Northeast Europe)
which is 100% total Europe

The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
most likely at the top
Irish= 0.199 Finland= 0.801 or
English= 0.143 Finland= 0.857 or
French= 0.107 Finland= 0.893 or
Spain= 0.076 Finland= 0.924 or
Basque= 0.061 Finland= 0.939 or
Italian= 0.074 Finland= 0.926 or
Tuscan= 0.068 Finland= 0.932 or
Sardinia= 0.045 Finland= 0.955 or
Romania= 0.094 Finland= 0.906 or
Hungary= 0.137 Finland= 0.863

Your spot is well to the west of
Helsinki where our Finnish comparisons come from. This
does indicate connections to western Scandinavia.

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Oh my... All that Celto-Germanic stuff. :oops:
Tuuli, a Finnish-speaking Western Finn

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