E.Euro DNA when I thought we were from Spain. Theory!

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Diana Sotela wrote:Correct Sofia, what I mean by changing was by marriage, not by the genes changing........hhaha.

As for matches my father has NO matches outside of the first twelve. I'm speaking in terms of ancestral origins at the 12 marker Exact match.
Estonia is the highest at 4.0%
Portugal at 0.4%
France and Switzerland at 0.3%
Lithuania, Spain, England, Germany, N. Ireland,UK at 0.2% (1 Askenazi)

Genetic distance of -1
Poland. Dominican Rep, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guyana (7.7%), Portugal, Wales.( Several Sephardic and several Ashkenazi)

I suspect my father will never have matches outside of the 12 due to his two mutations. I've been searching through all the FTDNA groups and no one has these mutations. DYS455=8 and DYS449=25. The only place I've found them is in haplogroup I

Chances are that, if he had matches, they are now gone. If there is/was Sephardic, or even Ashkenazi, and his line ended upin Costa Rica, chances are things weren't going well in the first place. I am sure the Holocaust did its best to pretty much finish the line existing in Europe. Until those who remain get tested, he may never have any matches. It is a fear I also have regarding my own line: that we are what's left.
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