Picking apart the ''North European'' Ancestral Component

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I am wondering what everyone else on here thinks about this? What is the true make up or meaning of the ''North European'' type comonents that Dienekes and Polako have discovered in their projects? As we know Dienekes found a North European component in his own ADMIXTURE experiments and so did Polako in the Eurogenes Project. This component is observed at various ''K'' levels and looks to basically be the same in both projects and varies only a bit at different K levels in ADMIXTURE. In Dienekes latest Dodecad globe13 analysis it is called North European and the same goes for very similar components seen on GEDmatch for numerous Eurogenes runs. Dienekes has also shown that the ancient hunter-gatherers from Europe that have been tested so far such as the remains from Sweden (Pitted Ware) and Spain (La Brana) show that they belong mostly to the North European component while the ancient farmer remains such as Oetzi and Gok4 have shown themselves to be mostly Mediterranean in ADMIXTURE analysis.

So when seen in modern Europeans I am wondering does the North European component represent an admixture of Mesolithic European hunter-gatherer genes with incoming Neolithic farmer genes and the Mediterranean component represents more of a pure Neolithic farmer type ancestry component I wonder?



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