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I am curious about trying to sort out and find out what each of the components from the Dodecad globe10 analysis are and mean. I am interested mainly in looking at the Atlantic_Baltic, Southern and West Asian components. Here are my own interpretations of these three components below.

Atlantic_Baltic: Old stock European genes that are a mixture of Mesolithic and early Neolithic alleles that are present in all Europeans today. The Mesolithic alleles in this component obviously come from ancient European hunter-gatherers and the Neolithic alleles may have come from the earliest Neolithic groups in mainland Europe such as the LBK.

Southern: Neolithic genes that have a more southern source originating from the Levant and North Africa. Possibly spread into Europe a bit later than the Neolithic part of the Atlantic_Baltic component. Much more purely Neolithic than the Atlantic_Baltic component and have a higher presence in Southern Europe today. More of a trans-Mediterranean Neolithic type component.

West Asian: Very late Neolithic or even Copper or Bronze Age arrival in Europe. Originated most likely in the highlands of West Asia and spread out fairly late to Europe and affects Southeastern Europe the most. Originally an early Neolithic component from highland West Asia.

It would be nice to hear what others think about this.

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