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Some testers at FTDNA have a problem uploading their markers. All they have to do is go to ysearch and click on "Create a New User" and enter their YSTR results. 67 markers are enough markers for a good match. In most cases a match within a GD of 10 @67 markers belongs to the same terminal branch or subclade. The TMRCA could be within a time frame of 1,000-1,500 years.

Here is search that I use.
At ysearch enter your ID
Show users that tested at least 67 of the markers that I did.
click this, maximum genetic distance of 1 per marker compared above 57 markers.

This will give you a list of all those who are within a GD of 10 markers. Open the page and examine the markers. In the vast majority of R1b samples the U106 marker DYS492 should be 13 and for P312 etc. DYS492 will be 12. The testers who will be closest matchs are those who have different values in the fast mutating DYS markers and the more distant matches should have differences in the slow mutating DYS markers.

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