Denisovan DNA complete scan now available

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:00 am ... 133602.htm

Paabo has already made the data public - there should be lots of interesting papers from this data.

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What a magnificent effort and outcome!
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thats great news and its nice to see the scientific community support each other and do the right thing

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The National Geographic channel aired an hour long special about the Denisovans tonight. In fact it's repeating at 1 AM, about an hour from now (US east coast time). I think I'll go watch the opening segments again. Title of the show is "Sex in the Stone Age." Presumably it will be inserted into their broadcast schedule several times in the near future. For the most part it's well done, and stays on the topic of Denisovans. A little bit is about Neanderthals, and of course the ways in which they are kin to one another and to the rest of us.
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