Another mtDNA H from the Italian Refugium?

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Gioiello wrote:Of course the common ancestress of the Finland/Sweden sample and of the Italian one cannot be the same Margareta/Margherita: they have two different mutations in the Coding Region (C6340T T11944C) and the common ancestress probably lived many thousands of years ago.

If HQ593807 belongs to the same haplogroup for A11069G I’d say that the origin is probably in Italy.

It's possible that they could have each had one CR mutation during the last several hundred or few thousand years. Given the large number of shared CR mutations, I'd guess that they probably share a common maternal sometime within the last few thousand years. Just a funny coincidence about the names both spelled "Margareta".

I'd like to see much more than two samples from Italy before concluding that this group originated there, but it is certainly a possibility.
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Gioiello wrote:
GailT wrote:For sample HQ593807, where did you find Italian ancestry? It appears to be a sample submitted from a health study by Zaragoza et al. in California.

The "Veneto" sample is the sample submitted to GenBank, so it looks like one sample from Italy and one from Finland, and the Zaragoza sample.

That HQ593807 was of Italian ancestry (even though tested in California, but many Italian scholars were among the authors of the paper) is written in the released data and isn’t an addition of mine.

Is this data ( HQ593807 ) accepted by behar or whoever, even though it seems to be done for medical purposes.
And is it noted from where in Italy it originated?. It seems like a second-generation person that was tested.

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stoeni wrote:And is it noted from where in Italy it originated?

"We evaluated 29 patients referred to Dr Eloisa Arbustini at the Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases (CICD) in Pavia, Italy" (from the paper).
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Gioello is correct

H95a is an Italian marker ............most likely with my investigations leading it to be from the Friulian Alps ( Carnia/Carnic )

here is a site of all found see only Italy or USA .......USA would be migrants from Europe ... /h95/h95a/

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