Answering Mario Metsovaara about mt H28

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H28a derives from H28, and H28 is in the place were probably were the old Europeans: Italy and Armenia. A Basque mt may have come directly from Sardinia like I-M26 and the R1b subclades:
CRS 263 750 1438 4769 8860 15326
H28 C186A
1. DQ523654(Sardinia) Fraumene H28 03-OCT-2006 C186A A263G A750G A1438G C2789T A4769G T4823C A8860G A15326G C16192T
2. JN051365(Armenian) FTDNA H28 13-JUN-2011 C182T C186A A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G T3398C G4491A A4769G A8860G A15326G C16192T G16213A
It seems to me that the oldest H28 is the Sardinian one. Perhaps you know that I am the theorist of the "Italian Refugium". 42000 years ago mt R* (ancestor of H) was already in Italy.

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