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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:04 pm
xercesblue wrote:Hello,

I tested with the Genographic Project 2.0 and my mtDNA was reported as H7b2. I transferred my data to the FTDNA database, but no matches are available. I haven't done any other DNA tests at this time, I'm highly considering it, should I get some money to play with in the future.

I've been trying to find information about H7b2, but there is literally nothing on the internet about it. I'm a university student, so I even tried searching the journal database in the library, but no hits there either. I have found a few papers briefly mentioning H7 which have been enlightening, and this thread here of course has also been a little treasure trove of information.

I'm completely new to genetics and genealogy, so please pardon my ignorance. I'm seriously trying to learn, and very enthused about researching and piecing together my family's origins.

If anyone can tell me about H7b2, or point me in the direction of where I might learn about it, I would be so very, very appreciative. :)

Looks like there is atleast one sample (from Hungary), reported by Behar et. al. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/JQ702056

Run BLAST on the linked page above and see how many other samples you find that are also H7b2. You can then copy the FASTA sequence and then check them out using James Lick's mthap tool http://dna.jameslick.com/mthap/ to find something interesting.
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To my knowledge there are three H7b2 cases at FTDNA: N2725, 26217 and N89453.
There is also JQ702056 at Genbank but it is probably N2725 that was registered by Behar et al. (2012) when they published their paper on RSRS.

FTDNA or MitoSearch will not indicate a perfect match when there is one difference among mutations of the compared regions. But many of these mutations are insignificant (volatile) and should not be considered when comparing haplotypes.

H7b2 cases at FTDNA and Genbank
H7b2.png (23.72 KiB) Viewed 5180 times

There are some H7b2 cases that were revealed by 23andme tests but I was not successful in obtaining their collaboration to participate to an independent H7 project.

I believe that, for the moment, the state of the H7 classification is sufficiently advanced that by simply knowing your subclade belonging (from typing with precise probes) and by referring to PhyloTree.org you can infer most of the mutations that are part of your mtDNA genome without having to order further mtDNA tests. The mutations that won't be revealed by such a reconstitution using PhyloTree will be among the non significant ones (and thus not used by PhyloTree due to their lack of reliability) and mutations that could attest that you are probant for some malady (and that we don't want to reveal anyway).

Nonetheless, if you want to participate in generating data that could be potentially be useful to flourish the H7 classification, please order a FMS test at FTDNA so that all your mutations, including that of the coding region, be known.

In order to be in a position to do genealogy it would be important to reveal your line of mothers (your matrilineage) so that other H7b2 persons be in a position find a match with some of the names part of your ancestry and their own ancestry, and thus be able to identify your Most Recent Common Ancestor, and eventually triangulate on the MRCA.


I just went to the H7-FMS project at FTDNA and I found 6 cases of H7b2, including 2 H7b2a.
The URL is http://www.familytreedna.com/public/mtdna_h7/

Here is the table:

H7b2 at FTDNA 2013/02/05

H7b2a can be told from plain H7b2 by the presence of mutation 15862 in the coding region only revealed by a FMS test. If your haplotype shows this mutation then you are H7b2a as well.

FMS test = Full Mitochondrial Sequencing (HVR1+HVR2+CR)

French Heritage DNA project http://www.frenchdna.org
Beaugrand-Champagne project http://www.beaugrand.ca
H7 mt Genome group http://www.H7mt.org

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Welcome to genetic genealogy! At this time, your GENO results can't be used for matching in FTDNA's database because the two tests aren't completely congruent. In order to identify potential future matches, you must test with FTDNA, which means (at this point in time) ordering a new kit for another cheek swab. Otherwise, you can wait to see if GENO samples will be made available to FTDNA for further testing; I don't think that administrative decision has been made, or at least it hasn't been publicly announced yet.

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