Please, help to determine subsclade of HV*

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grimsvotn wrote:Gioiello, could early carriers of HV7 be from this culture?



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There is the possibility that this sample from Italy found on SMGF
16067T 16311C 093G 095c 263G 315.1C (Delrota, Italy), which matches this sample from Russia
Sample Id: MC16816 NCBI Id: EU545441
Private Mutations: [A Personal or Private Mutation is a marker (SNP) you have that is not part of the defining markers list for this haplogroup.] A93G; A95c; C9344T; G12684A; T13191C; G16274A;
Reference: Malyarchuk 2008a
is really a sample of HV7 without the mutation in 16278 or with a back mutation of the mutation.
If this would be the case (but of course we have to have an FMS) I'd begin to think that the origin is just in Italy.
Probably it is more likely that the Italian sample is linked with this HV/16311C! from Norway.
110. HQ660704(Norwegian) FTDNA HV 07-DEC-2010
A93G A95C A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G A2706G A4769G A5984G C7028T A8860G A15326G G15930A T16311C
Certainly these rare mutations (A93G A95c) are very strange in two different even close hgs. and may be happened in heteroplasmy.
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Ok, thank you for interesting information!
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