8000 year old U4b1

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Quote from a thesis referring to an upcoming paper:

To investigate the shared signal of the Neolithic hunter-gatherers of the
PWC with Mesolithic individuals in further detail, we have also analyzed a
Mesolithic individual from Stora Förvar cave on the Stora Karlsö Island in
the Baltic Sea (Götherström A, Jakobsson M, Malmström H, Omrak A,
Skoglund P, Storå J,unpublished results), which is very close to the locality
where the PWC individuals in our studies were excavated. The individual
was directly radiocarbon dated to 7,952 ± 53 BP (6,873 ± 119 cal BC). We
used the Illumina HiSeq platform to obtain a total of 2,250,928 sequences
that could be confidently aligned to the human genome, and found strongly
elevated levels of C→T and G→A mismatches indicative of post-mortem
nucleotide misincorporations (Briggs et al. 2007). To assess whether there in
addition to endogenous DNA was evidence of modern-day contamination,
we exploited the approximately 12-fold coverage of the mitochondrial ge-
nome to estimate contamination (Krause et al. 2010a), and found that all 61
informative sequences were consistent with the consensus, which yields a
point estimate of 0.0% modern contamination. We also found that the
mtDNA sequence belonged to haplogroup U4b1, consistent with the notion
that mitochondrial lineages belonging to hg U were fixed or nearly fixed in
pre-Neolithic Europe (Fu et al. 2013b; Pinhasi et al. 2012).

source http://uu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:645462/FULLTEXT01.pdf

Stora Karlsö is a tiny island outside Gotland.

They did extract o lot of autosomal DNA too from the individual.

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