SNPs for I1-P and upstream now individually orderable

Possible time of origin: 4,000 to 20,000 BC
Possible place of origin: Europe
Defining mutations: M253, M307, P30, P40
Highest frequencies: People of Northern Europe (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Sami, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, German, Dutch, English, Scottish, Irish), French

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These SNPs can now be ordered individually from FTDNA:


According to Ken Nordtvedt’s Chromo2 chart for this part of the tree as well as Big Y results available to me:

S7642 is specific to I1-P
S4767 includes both I1-P and I1-M227
S4795 is upstream from L69 and corresponds to CTS6364+ CTS10028-

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