R1a-Z93* from Italy

Possible time of origin: Less than 18,500 YBP
Possible place of origin: Eurasia, most probably South Asia, or Central Eurasia.
Defining mutations: M420 (also includes M17, M198, SRY1532.2 and SRY10831.2)
Highest frequencies: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and Siberia. (See List of R1a frequency by population)

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R- Z2110 (KV7Y2)
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:24 am
This Sardinian sample is in the YFull data from Francalacci 2013 as
ERS256938 966 958 R-Z93 R-KMS149 R-YP1506 Z2479/M746/S4582/V3664
but he is negative for KMS149 and YP1506, in fact in your tree is put at the beginning of the R1a-Z93 subclade. It is given as formed 5000 years before present and the subclades separated 4700 years ago.
Now another Italian American, a friend of mine, is in the tree
id:YF07986ITA [IT-SA]
under R1a-Z93*.
As in the FTDNA projects they are ready to say that he matches some people from England of supposed Alan origin (Italy is always thought from many people as a "sink" and many know my post "Sink Italy" that anyone may read on http://www.eng.molgen.org), and of course an Alan or other origin of these Italian samples may not be excluded, I ask you if you have elements for justifying that.

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