Alleged Genghis Khan cluster is P53.1+ (C3e)?

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Many references in technical papers refer to the alleged Genghis Khan cluster as C3* . However, that haplogroup designation was assigned before P53.1 (defining C3e) was discovered. The yDNA C Project shows that an apparent (from the haplotype) Genghis Khan descendant has tested P53.1+ (C3e). See kit 127588 from Hungary: ... n=yresults

But that same project shows that a very different variety of European C3 also tested P53.1+ (C3e). See kits 40700 and 189147.

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From Zhong et al (2010) Supplementary Table S1:
There are 6 C3e Xibe samples (in order 19-389I-389II-388-390-391-392-393) from Xinjiang

C3e-P53.1: 17-13-29-14-25-10-11-13.

And 41 Kazakhs from Xinjiang have ancestral state in P53.1. The modal haplotype is

C3*(xP53.1): 16-13-29-14-25-10-11-13.

Malyarchuk et al (2010) didn't find any C3e haplotypes. On the other hand supplementary Table S2 consists of the 41 C3*(xC3e) "starcluster" haplotypes:
Buryats 14,
Kalmyks 1,
Mongolians 16,
Altaian Kazakhs 3,
Tuvinians 3,
Shors 1,
Altaians 3.

And I know Boris Malyarchuk and his co-workers to be competent and qualified scientists.

So the problem is not simple. Special investigations with P53.1 testing should be done.
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This possibly relevant article by Kherlen Batbayar and Zhaxylyk M. Sabitov, "The Genetic Origin of the Turko-Mongols and Review of The Genetic Legacy of the Mongols. Part 1: The Y-chromosomal Lineages of Chinggis Khan" was linked on the ISOGG Facebook page, a couple of days ago, by Natalya Zyryanova:
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