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I cant find a 'help' section, that would be useful I think....and that brings up the points of;
1-thanks very much mods for putting actual sub forums in the surname project section...very Helpfull
I dont suppose you know where the couple of posts I had in the W' section are? if they got wiped by making the sub forum, no prob, I will search out the info again
2 could you make my project co admin Francis or 'Rivergirl' a co moderator of the Whalen/Phalen project sub forum

Thanks tons guys!

Furthest Y line=Patrick Whealen 1816-1874, Tipperary Co. Ire. to Kincardine On

Y-DNA-RL21, R-513* (still looking for the 'lost Irish 'C' boys')

FTDNA=P312+ P25+ M343+ M269+ M207+ M173+ L513+ U198- U152- U106- SRY2627- P66- P107- M73- M65- M37- M222- M18- M160- M153- M126- L705- L577- L193- L159.2- L1333-
E.A.= S21-, S26-, S28-, S29-, S68-

Co Administrator of the Whalen/Phelan DNA Surname Project

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