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People are getting this:
"Your request timed out. Please retry the request errors". This causes lengthy posts to be lost.

Is this a server issue or not allowing Session Cookies, or something else?

A Fix I found discussed was:
When using IE after recieving, "Your request timed out. Please retry the request" error
instead of hitting the back button, right click then click refresh then retry.

This seems to be a problem with IE and not firefox

148326 DF13** Celtic, Goidelic 111 Marker: GD1/67 & GD3/111 Watterson USA, Cook(UK/Scot Heritage) with a GD5/111, Codere(Watterson(McWalter))IOM GD8/111 and Ross Scotland GD13/111. Cluster 13*-1130-A1: 20 off-modals from L21.
Sorted slow to fast: 531=>12, 497=15, 511=11, 19=>15, 385a=12, 441=14, 552=25, 447=24, 513=11, 557=<15, 446=14, 464d=18, 456=18, 534=16, 449=31, 576=17, 710=36 and 712=>21 68-111Panel
DF13>FGC5496. ... sp=sharing

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