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Samuel Andrews has left a new comment on the post "Migration of the Bell Beakers—but not from Iberia ...":

Ancient DNA keeps delivering surprises. Looks like, R1b1a is a Mesolithic European lineage tied to WHG. Of course, we don't know how WHG got it. All we know is the major modern R1b1a clades all descend from WHG R1b1a.

"African" R1b-V88, "Central Asian" R1b-M78, and "Middle Eastern" R1b-Z2103 all found in ancient Europeans of mostly of WHG-decent. No one would have predicted this just two years ago.

Originally we thought Yamnaya and EHG were a good representative of the source population of R1b1a1-P297. Now, it appears even Yamnaya traced a fraction of their ancestry to the original R1b1a1 carriers like Villabruna. Then consider how little of a fraction of the ancestry people in modern Spain goes back to the original R1b1a1 carriers.

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