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Gioiello wrote:

Armenians are more tested than Italians and they are in the world less than 10% than Italians, and their R-L23 are pretty all L584 and L277. Im my haplogroup Z2110 there is one Armenian and at least 6 Italians tested. Do you think that Z2110 is more likely from Armenia or from Italy?
Their L11 and P312 are all demonstrated introgressed from Western Europe.
Their R-L389 belongs to an unique haplotype with YCAII=23-23 whereas Italy has all the known so far 5 haplotypes....
And don't forget that the Indo-European component of Armenians came very likely from the Balkans (a few years ago 29% of their autosome).

R1b needs to be found in Italy between 8,000 and 4,500 ybp to verify the continuation from Villabruna. And there needs to be a lot of samples tested because the ancient dna results so far has brought more questions than answers. How and when did the Z2103 arrive in Armenia? If it was from the Balkans 6,000 years ago then it could have been from Armenia into the Steppe with CHG. The Armenian project shows that L51 did not come from there. It is good that the TMRCA's are beside the subgroups in the Armenian project.

If the scientists have proof that P312 expanded in the Steppe before invading western Europe why did they not make it public? Why do they write about Steppe autosomal dna and the PIE? A lot of R1b testers are interested and waiting for the ancient dna results from the Steppe. There is no need for endless speculation about the origin of western European R1b. For years the scientists wrote that there was absolutely no R1b in western Europe until the Bronze Age and then they found Villabruna. A few other R1 and R1b pre-BA samples were found in western Europe but they were poor undetermined or degraded dna results!!!

And there is a lot of the G and J samples in Armenia and both these haplogroups were found in Neolithic Europe so how is that CHG did not reach Europe until the Bronze Age?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The birth of the CWC 2,900-2,350 BC brought a wave of migrants from the Steppe into the present day Germany according to the experts. R1b is missing from CWC sites in Germany and those that propose a Steppe origin for R1b should take note. If the Steppe was saturated with R1b in the time of the CWC then the CWC sites should be 50/50 R1a/R1b and the Bell Beaker should be 50/50 R1a/R1b. No R1b has turned up in CWC and R1a has not turned up in the Bell Beaker sites. A Steppe origin for R1b P312 ,which was the majority subhaplogroup found in BB, is not doable. According to Yfull's dates P312 was already expanding between 2,900 and 2,350 BC.

I got my updated ancestry results today, 100% Ireland and Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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