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Irakli Akhvlediani
Ancient mitogenomes of Phoenicians from Sardinia and Lebanon: A story of settlement, integration, and female mobility
The Phoenicians emerged in the Northern Levant…

Gioiello Tognoni It seems to me that this paper is the definitive defeat of Zalloua, of his funders, of National Geographic and of all those who fought against me also on many fora. To demonstrate that there are all my letters wrote so far, perhaps more than ten thousand. The ridiculous would be the fact that a Sardinian mt found in Lebanon would have belonged to a "slave" but who is said a sample of integretion due to the Phoenician civilization. Ask Miss Manco if she and all the Others think that mHG H did come to Sardinia, Italy and all the West from Near East. The percentage of Phoenician Y at 6% in the colonies and 30% in Lebanon has the same value of the Cohen Modal Haplotype, i.e. pretty close to 0.

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